Hosting an event at Coup is perfect for celebrations, ceremonies or even corporate parties. Our intimate location can accommodate up to 80 ppl (35 seated, 45 standing) and is available to be booked for either part of or all of an evening. Hosting an event gives you a wide range of freedom regarding the selection of the campaigns and organizations to which you’d like to donate. When hosting a party at Coup you can select whether to donate the proceeds of your event to a specific organization, a general campaign category, or the campaigns currently being featured at Coup. If you’d like to donate to a general campaign category, Coup will divide your contribution among all of the charities/organizations that it supports within that category, equally. If you have a broad range of interests and aren’t sure, you can select to let Coup divide your donation amongst the campaigns currently featured at the Coup NYC location.

We can accommodate party bookings of up to 75 people and for a minimum of 3 hours. All events are $2000 - $3000/hour, tax and gratuity inclusive, depending on the day of the week and time of your event. No matter the amount of attendees, all house cocktails, spirits, wines and beers are complimentary and included in your event booking fee. A 50% deposit will be assessed at the time of booking. The remaining balance will be assessed one week prior to your event. Please be advised that all deposits and payments for events are non-refundable and must be made in cash or by credit card. Please be aware that Coup is a for-profit cocktail bar that donates all of its profits to charitable organizations and campaigns that stand in opposition to, or are being defunded by, the Trump Administration. Event costs at Coup are, therefore, not tax deductible.

We can not accommodate events on evenings on which we are hosting a Guest Bartender. Please visit for an up-to-date calendar of scheduled Guest Bartenders. Hosting an event at Coup is really easy and all inclusive.

Once you have completed the attached HOST AN EVENT form, you will receive a price quote from Aly along with a CONTRACT & PAYMENT form to finalize your event request. If you have questions about events beyond what is covered in this packet, please contact Aly Kravetz, GM at

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