1. Is the cost of an event considered a charitable donation?

100% of the profits generated by your purchase of an event will go to a charitable organization as described in the packet above. However, because Coup is not a 501 (c ), the cost of an event is not a tax – deductible item. Upon completion of payment, you will receive a standard receipt.

2. Is donating to Coup a charitable donation?

No, because Coup is not itself a non-profit organization, donations to Coup are not tax deductible gifts.

3. Can events be scheduled for less than the minimum 3 hours?

In rare circumstances, Coup may be able to accommodate a party for less than 3 hours. Please email aly@coupnyc.com directly to inquire.

4. How is my event cost determined?

Events at Coup are $2000 - $3000/hour which includes all taxes and gratuity to the staff. All events are buy outs and require the bar be closed to the public. The final cost of your event, therefore, will depend on the amount of guest turned away by Coup to accommodate your party. Weekend evenings are busier at Coup. Additionally, the timing of your event may prevent Coup from re-opening to the public and that will factor into your total costs. For more questions on how your event cost is calculated email aly@coupnyc.com.

5. Is food provided at Coup?

Coup does not have a kitchen. We do permit the use of one of DeRossi Global’s restaurants (Avant Garden, Ladybird, etc) for catering. However, all arrangements to do so must be made through the respective restaurants directly. Please let us know if you would like us to put you in touch with one of our restaurants. Please be advised that any payments to one of our restaurants is profit to that restaurant, is not payment to Coup and will, therefore, not be donated to charity. We do not permit the use of outside caterers without prior approval by Coup as we maintain strict adherence to our core values and do not permit meat or meat products inside Coup, even during private events. Please email aly@coupnyc.com to make such requests.

6. Does Coup welcome underaged guests?

Coup is a 21 and over establishment. Exceptions will be made at private events. If you will have underage guests at your event, please include this on your HOST AN EVENT form.

7. How can I find out how much of my donation went to charity?

Unfortunately, because of time and labor constraints, we are simply not able to give personalized reporting on individual contributions. However, please visit www.coupnyc.com for a detailed list of the organizations we contribute to and how much, to date, has been donated to each. Contribution checks to our participating organizations are written once per month.

8. How do I tip my wonderful server or bartender?

Coup is a non-tipping establishment and service staff is strictly prohibited from accepting personal gratuities. Instead, our staff is compensated by Coup with a commitment to preserving as much of your contribution for charitable donation as possible. Any funds left at Coup with the intention of being a gratuity, will be donated by Coup to our featured organizations.

9. What if I want to contribute, but don’t want a drink?

If you would like to donate directly to a particular organization or campaign, please visit www.coupnyc.com where you will find a list of participating organizations with links to their websites.

If you are able to visit Coup, and would like to donate to an organization, you may purchase a “Coup Coin” from your server or bartender for $5 and place it in the vase of your choosing. If you are looking for a non-Alcoholic way to contribute, ask about one of our mocktails, sodas or juices. The profits from the sale of these items also go to our charitable efforts.

10. Do I have to be a bartender to Guest Bartend at Coup?

You do not have to be a working bartender to Guest Bartend at Coup. But there are some things you’ll want to know about what we expect from and provide to our Guest Bartenders. Please see the above Guest Bartender section.

11. Are Guest Bartenders paid?

Guest Bartenders are paid and therefore must complete either a W9, to receive payment, or a Fee Waiver, if intending to donate their pay. Most Guest Bartenders elect to donate their pay to the organization for which they are raising money, which is wonderful but not required!

12. How can my organization or charity become featured at Coup?

Every 30 days or so Coup selects 6 organizations to feature and raise money for. If you work with or are aware of an organization that could use our help, please complete an INTERESTED PARTICIPANT form.