Sponsoring an event or evening at Coup is a great way to minimize the cost of operations at Coup so that more of the money we raise can go directly to the campaigns we support. This opportunity is ideal for companies and suppliers who would like to donate products or funds for use at Coup. Sponsoring is a great opportunity to bring your product to the attention of a like-minded audience. The proceeds from your donation would go to a campaign or organization of your choice within any of the categories listed below.

To sponsor an event, please see the attached SPONSORSHIP form. Complete this form and send to Aly Kravetz, GM at

Causes and Topics

* Clean Water Access

* Women’s Reproductive Health Access

* Anti- Racism Activism

* Anti- Sexism Activism

* Environmental Protection

* Climate Change Research & Legislation

* Immigration Policy Reform and Expansion

* Affordable Care Act Protection

* Veterans Affairs

* Criminal Justice System Reform

* Campaign Finance Reform

* Civil Liberty Protection and Legislation

* Sexual Orientation Discrimination

* Gender Identification Discrimination

* Taxation/ Banking System Regulation and Reform

* Animal Welfare and Protection


To access the SPONSORSHIP form, click on the text below.


To access the SPONSORSHIP AUTHORIZATION FORM copy, click on the text below.